Boerboel Breeders

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Boerboel Breeders.

Klein Sandfontein Boerboels
Klein Sandfontein Boerboels, owned by Beverli & Dana Steenkamp, is located on the picturesque Klein Sandfontein farm, which is near the town of Caledon, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and is approximately 150 km east of Cape Town. The day-to-day running of Klein Sandfontein Boerboels is managed by Beverli, and a more committed breeder would be hard to find.

CONTACT Beverli @ 082 861 1618

Janieka Boerboels

We reside on a farm in the Free State district of Southern Africa, about 200km South of Johannesburg.


My Love for this breed started many years ago when I was still a little boy living and growing up on a Farm in the Free State.


For me it was just a pet, but now it is a privileged to live out my passion and love for this wonderful breed. 


Each of our dogs consider themselves part of our Family, where they get all the love, care and socializing to make them great companions with an excellent temperament. WE STRIVE to breed each puppy with the same compatibilities and to bring forward the breed standard, with the highest and most excellent bloodlines.

Contact Person: James Allen / Magriet Allen

Tel no: +27566310430

Mobile no: James : +27823707553 Magriet : +27729015010

Suid Kaap Boerboele

Suid Kaap Boerboele was founded in 2007 in Mossel Bay (Dana Bay) in the Western Cape, South Africa. Our first encounter with the boerboel was in 2005 although we always new about the breed we never had one. We adopted a Boerboel at our local SPCA, his name was Brake and he was a very good specimen and an amazing boel. Brake died in the beginning of 2007 after a battle between life and death. We were heart broken and could not believe that we lost a family member. Our very first Registered Boerboel was `n male boerboel that we bought at Jakkalsvlei Boerboele in Herbetsdale, we named him Pluto. About a month later we bought our very first female boerboel from Asthor Boerboele

But in December 2009, Pluto our beloved dog had an unexpected Heart Attack; it was a great shock to all of us. That December we wanted to get a new friend for Lyla (Asthor) to play with and for us to love and to care for. We fell in love with the boerboel Breed and we also met some amazing people thanks to the Boerboel.

Suid Kaap boerboel strives to improve the breed, but most importantly breeding boerboel with excellent Temperament and loyal loving personalities.

Shamrock Boerboels
Shamrock Boerboels was birthed in 2002, it started off with the love of the breed in our home as a family and grew into a passion to breed Top Quality Boerboels. Our ethos is simple – Quality over Quantity – we only breed with  selected bloodlines that have been researched to eliminate genetic faults and have good temperaments, character, health, conformation and agility.

We prefer to run a small kennel as we would like to consistently give each and every one of our Boerboels individual love and attention. We are serious about the health and wellbeing of our dogs that’s why they are not kept locked up in kennels , all our dogs interact with the entire family on a daily basis and get showered with love and attention.

We have also done lots of breed related research to equip ourselves in making informed decisions and increased our knowledge by educating ourselves in completing a breeders and appraisers course – We are a registered Kennel with the SABT hence all our dogs and puppies are registered Boerboels.For us breeding these majestic dogs is not a business, its a passion to strive for quality and excellence…
Elevation Boerboels
Breeder of Elevation Zulu 89.6% and owner of Middelpos Maximus I 88.7

Contact Kenny @

Cabaret Boerboels

For me, Stud Breeding started many years ago as a farmer in the Western Transvaal.I had a large Merino stud which originally came from Germany and was of the highest quality.  Years later I took on the challenge of breeding American Saddlers I was very fortunate to have bred and coached a South African Champion.

In 1992 I bought my first Boerboel pup, Waaksaam Mitze.  I had bought her at at a Boerboel Auction in Kroostad held by Lukas vd Merwe and she was bred by Schalk Lourens.

Waaksaam Mitze was the daughter of Jan Su Katryn and Lourina Mac, graded 94%, Mac was at that stage the highest scored male in the world and in my opinion the best breeding male ever.  That was how The Cabaret Stud was bord.

In my Stud I believe in line Breeding, I'm privileged to have many years of stud breeding experience which has paid off over and over.

I'm very proud of Cabaret bred dogs who have been selected for TEMPERAMENT MUSCLE, IMPRESSIVE HEADS, HEAVY BONE AND STRONG CHESTS.

I believe in strict selection and I'm only interested in the very best!

Lood Mienie

Cell:  +27 (0)82 925 2388


Alexander Boerboels
Breeders of Top quality South African Boerboels from the best Bloodlines available. We pride ourselves in providing dogs with the best temperament and we take the greatest care in raising our dogs with Love & Passion.


About Us
The aim is to enoble or better the specific noticeable qualitys of the breed, but not to interfere with the hips and elbows. Boerboels are proudly South African and has formed allainces all over the globe. The breed is robust and muscular and in the early days of its existance could hunt so thus they should be agile and have a considrable amount of mobility.
Boerboels are protectors of thier loved ones and famillies,I like to say they are in tuned with our senses and believe me they will re-act on it as well. Boerboels should not be agressive by nature. Boerboels have proven to survive or adapt any where in the world. They love kids and other animals, a real and honest family member.
Here at our stud we will give you the best that we possibly can,we will give advice and give a helping hand where we can.
Please remember that ANDERSON BOERBOELS is not a puppy mill, so we sell top quality animals when available.our slogan: -We Breed Legends, Not Dogs-

Afrika Boerboels, owner Karlien Greeff, breeding for the past 17years, situated in Pretoria, South Africa on a smallholding yust on the outside the city.  We breed in accordance to the breed standard.   Each breeding is carefully researched and planned,  identifying the best of the breed to contridute to our breeding to improve the breed. We breed for health, temprament, structure, agility and longevity.  I continue to learn, love and apreciate the breed for all that they are.


Karlien Greeff

Afrika Boerboels

+27 82 820 2330


Spitsvuur Boerboele

Spitsvuur Boerboels is a major role player in the Boerboel breeding in South Africa and world wide. The quality of our dogs is apprent in their show results, the prominent positions on the Top 50 list for high scoring dogs, and the client testimonials. * Boerboels, or like some people say, the South African Mastiff, are large, strong Mastiff type dogs. Boerboels are bred in South Africa as companions and guard dogs, and the Molosser type temperament of the Boerboel is very stable as indicated by temperament testing. Boerboel Registration is done by SABBA (or SABT) and they see to the scoring of the dogs to determine the quality. For export to the Eastern Bloc countries we use KUSA as the registering authority for the Boerboels. All our breeding dogs are hip, elbow and DNA tested, and extremely strong selection for temperament and conformation are done.

Jacob Boerboels

Contact: Walter Jacobs or Je-Anne Wagner

Tel : 083 413 9256 / 071 8777 153 / 021 981 7673


Been breeding with boerboels for over 20 years

The first 12 years was more of a learning curb, getting

To know the Boerboels, the breed and its standards.

About 7 years ago me and my dad started our Jacob bloodline using

Voorslag Stone, Voorslag Daisy and Glen-shee Kihara

From these 3 dogs we have bred some amazing specimens

Of this breed and we continue to grow and constantly try to

Improve and fix our faults.

Middelpos Boerboele

Breeder of Champions
Breeder of;
Middelpos Khan, Middelpos Maximus I, Middelpos Maxi, Middelpos Boel, Middelpos Backdraft, Middelpos Cleo I, Middelpos Georgia and many more

Contact Koos van der Westhuizen